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I first hosted this site with QSL.NET. I am grateful to Al Waller K3TKJ but the site was very slow, so I then used 1DH.US - I don't advise you to use 1DH.US - also known as One Dollar CPanel Hosting - they took my money and then 'suspended' my account, and would not reply to emails. Then I used Host4aPound and  found them good value and quite reliable until they seemed to lose interest. Now I have used 3iX.com since September 2006, they are ok, good value.

JA 6m reports

LOGGER logging+PSK31 - it's FREE

Canadian 6m Firsts   Other 6m Firsts    QSL info (SixItalia)

DXTELNET (excellent! speaks the spots, works with a TNC too)

K6STI Antenna design program  YO and Instructions